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CAG is the dedicated GNPB of the Bank handling the portfolio of ‘large credit’. The SBU has 7 Offices in 6 regional centers viz. Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Ahmadabad headed by General Managers. The business model of CAG is centered around the Relationship Management concept and each client is mapped to a Relationship Manager who spearheads a cross-functional Client Service Team. The Relationship strategy is anchored on delivering integrated and comprehensive solutions to the clients, including structured products, within a strict Turn-Around-Time. The principal objective of the strategy is to make GNPB the first choice of the top corporates thereby increasing the wallet-share and improving the Return on Capital Employed. A sustained Account Planning exercise with rigorous review of the account by senior management sets the pace for the Relationship Management in CAG

GNPB is a one shop providing financial products / services of a wide range for large, medium and small customers both domestic and international.

Working Capital Financing

  • Assistance extended both as Fund based and Non-Fund based facilities to Corporate, Partnership firms.

  • Working Capital finance extended to all segments of industries and services sector such as IT.

Term Of Loans

  • To support capital expenditures for setting up new ventures as also for expansion, renovation etc.
  • Deferred Payment Guarantees
  • To support purchase of capital equipment.
  • Corporate Loans
  • For a variety of business related purposes to corporates.
  • Export Credit
  • To Corporate / Non Corporate
  • Strategic Business Units
  • Corporate Accounts Group (CAG)
  • Project Finance
  • Lease Finance
  • An exclusive unit providing one stop shopping to Corporate
  • A dedicated set up specialized in financing of infrastructure and other large projects
  • Exclusive set up for handling large ticket leases.


  • GNPB’s Prime Lending Rates (PLR) are among the lowest

  • Presently Bank has two PLR’s

  • SBAR for loans payable on demand and upto one year

  • SBMTLR for loans payable beyond one year.